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GRAVICH LABORATORY was established in November 2008.

Inspired by the disciples of the Professor Dr.Raphael Maurer The famous cosmetic scientist of Geneva which is well known who using the science of cosmeceutical for formulation cosmetic recipes for advance treatments.

Although Dr.Raphael Maurer has now passed away but his mission and what he wants to achieve still unable to reach the goal.
His formulation recipes and his research that have been accumulated for over 30 years will continue to be inherited by his disciples
and became the origin of GRAVICH LABORATORY in order to create and deliver great products to people all around the world.


The recipe of GRAVICH . It is not easier to get a powerful formula. Our team of cosmetic science experts have to perform more than hundreds of experiments to get the best results in each product.

We use only active ingredients that have been researched and accepted in the medical industry to help solve each skin problem.

Although it may not seem exciting much but it very effective.

In addition to the most effective product formulas. Throughout the past we also formulated our products far from ingredients that may have high side effects on the body. so all of GRAVICH products are free of parabens, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, sulphates,
mineral oil, formaldehyde, mercury, oxybenzone and hydroquinone.

Therefore we will deliver only the ultimated recipes from Laboratory to you and Millions of people around the world in a variety of territories.


GRAVICH is a group of contemporary cosmetic scientists.

We bring the new technology and new research which has been recognized in the present to coordinate with research and formulation recipes that has been proven to the people of Dr. Raphael for 30 years in the previous century.

In order to obtain the best products in the skin care and can solve all skin problems. In all of our products we choose only effective formulas through being accepted and tested by people on many continents.

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